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Leading Psychotherapy Groups
Becoming an Expert Group Therapist

by Susie Rotch

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

The link between psychotherapy, group psychotherapy
and successful group leadership

If psychotherapy is learning new personal skills or unlearning inappropriate behaviors then group psychotherapy is adding the extra dimension of socialization to this learning process.

Socialization, learning how to successfully exist in society, we suggest is the common process in all of our lives.
To add this ‘reality-making’ or ‘reality affirming’ socialization process to group psychotherapy the leader should know how to quickly guide a new group to the point where the participants can react effectively. To be able to use the group to meet their own needs and be conscious and obliging of the needs of others.

This publication is about assembling a framework of ideas to manage the process of forming, running and concluding a psychotherapy group.

Leading Psychotherapy Groups
A self administered or facilitated course for psychotherapy group leadership 
   ISBN 1 876687 25 8

The self-administered course is a 550+ page manual / journal integrated with 4 DVD / videos which offer a multilevel overview of the theories and practical examples of a dynamic combination of group psychotherapy techniques. This is a very personal presentation of the simultaneous use of the most modern psychotherapeutic methods, including Psychodrama, Gestalt Therapy, NeuroLinguistic Programing, Family Therapy and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

This publication is absolutely unique in the integration of established theories, a teaching technique incorporating a plethora of practical exercises that will help the reader to apply and verify the techniques presented and the ‘coal face’ presentation of the issues, process and power of group psychotherapy experience on screen with real-life group therapy.

Also offered is an Administrator's Manual which prescribes 28 lesson plans as a basis for any organisation wanting to run the course for their own professional development.

'Comprised of two volumes, an administrator’s manual and four DVDs, this guide to leading psychotherapy groups is a meticulously put together and very impressive introduction to the field. It is an exhaustive introduction to the various components involved in leading therapy groups and includes areas neglected or covered only sketchily by many other manuals.'

          F.C.L. Allen, PhD., M.A.Ps.S.,
          Associate Professor in Psychology
          Monash University
Group Therapy reviews
The DVD component is prefaced with warnings about usage because of the very powerful emotional content of some of the group psychotherapy sequences. The four DVDs contain precisely edited sequences from a 38 hour psychotherapy group. They are comprehensively indexed.

The person undertaking this training program can see group therapy in action, at it’s most impactful and vital. The illustrations on the DVD's are real life, with the immediacy and potency that this implies.

The ideas, the tools, the practice of group psychotherapy.

          An approximately twelve month, self training or administered program for psychologists
          and helping professionals working in therapy or personal growth groups
                              Tested, successful techniques
                              Clear, concise explanation of theories
                              Self-paced learning with practical exercises
                              Comprehensive DVD illustrations from a 38 hour Personal Growth Group
In a world where most texts on group therapy are dry, theoretical and very guarded, this daring program teaches by demonstration and by doing. It stands alone in being passionate and practical.
This is a world first and unique. There are no actors with this one, this IS the real deal, warts and all, and what a privilege of invitation Susie Rotch has extended by producing this absolute gem in the art, skill and powerful intervention of psychotherapy group work and psychotherapy in practice.

Angie Paton
Private Practitioner and Group Therapist, Melbourne

Angie Paton review

The course is both experiential and structured, a combination which maximizes participants’ learning.

There is a consistent emphasis on familiar theories combined into highly structured and readily mastered conceptual grids. This is to break down the complex processes of group therapy into easy, manageable parts. Each concept is backed by evidence from experimental and practical psychology.

The concepts are applicable to a very broad range of therapeutic endeavors, across ages, educational levels, presenting problems, and cultural backgrounds of patients and clients.

The models presented can be used by group therapists with a very wide range of theoretical orientations.The writing is at all times fresh, lively and engaging. Susie Rotch has made this an extended conversation between herself and the reader.

Australian College of Applied Psychology What really appealed to me were the wonderful diagrams integrating Group stages, with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and the Leadership skills which allow a group to work optimally at various stages in its life. Conceptually, this seemed to give a wonderful map for those new to the leadership and processes of group work. In fact, the whole package is well integrated, and gives a very useful structure for the planning and execution of group therapy.

I believe it would be a most useful introduction to Group Therapy for students in undergraduate Psychology and Applied Psychology courses, as well as for practicing therapists who wish to broaden their skill base. In fact, for any practitioner who is engaged in the facilitation of any group process, this program would be beneficial.

Susan Hutchinson-Phillips
Educator at the Australian College of Applied Psychology

The program can be self-administered or taught in a group setting.

Research shows that the best way to teach the process skills of group therapy is in a group, so this is one available option. A manual for trainers to teach the program in groups is also offered. The DVDs and the self administered manual become support material for a course in group therapy which is laid out for the trainer step by step.

The links below will display .pdf files of the index of each Manual/Journal outlines the content of both texts. The emphasis in the manual is on the practical and process skills required to do group therapy at a very high level.
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Leading Psychotherapy Groups
A self administered or facilitated course for psychotherapy group leadership

ISBN 1 876687 25 8

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