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Leading Psychotherapy Groups
Becoming an Expert Group Therapist

by Susie Rotch
Psychologist and Psychotherapist

This website is published by Susie Rotch, the author of the ‘Leading Psychotherapy Groups’ course described below. Susie is a psychologist and psychotherapist who has practiced in Melbourne Australia for 38 years. ‘Leading Psychotherapy Groups’ provides a comprehensive, practical, vicarious experience of the process of psychotherapeutic group leadership in the two texts and on the fully-integrated four DVD resource.

About The Living Skills Library

The Living Skills Library is a series of self administered courses devised and produced by Susie Rotch. These courses cover both the theoretical and practical application of psychological techniques in learning group leadership and the psychotherapeutical application of self hypnosis for self healing and lifestyle enhancement.

The style of presentation and the clarity of expression in these publications is very engaging. They are designed to demystify the psychological process and are intended as an enlightening and enjoyable experience. They are written to the audience of Susie’s trainees and clients and to address the needs Susie encountered when she first started practicing psychotherapy.

In response to Susie' desire for clear explanations, one of her lecturers reproached her with the question, 'What do you want, a cook book?' Well yes that's exactly what Susie wanted and with thirty eight years of experience that's just what she created. A practical set of cook books about learning and self help.


Pushing Boundaries

Susie is not one for standing in line and waiting for things to happen and neither is Tony Paterson, her associate in the production of the Living Skills programs. Tony’s first career was as a feature film editor, gaining two A.F.I. Awards for his editing on ‘Mad Max’ and ‘Phar Lap’. His sense of style, clarity and humour works throughout the print and DVD images in the Living Skills courses.

The DVD components in these programs are at the cutting edge of digital manipulation. The structure of the presentations engulf the viewer with a sense of confidence and purpose that extends the self-enhancing messages of the spoken word.

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