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Leading Psychotherapy Groups
Becoming an Expert Group Therapist

by Susie Rotch
Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Disclaimers & Useage Warnings

Leading Psychotherapy Groups      ISBN 1 876687 25 8       
DVD Resource     4 x 90 min DVD/Video

A self administered or facilitated course for psychotherapy group leadership

The DVD resource

There are four ninety-minute DVDs that accompany the Leading Psychotherapy Groups training manual written by psychologist and psychotherapist Susie Rotch. These illustrate core concepts from the text with real-life examples from an actual group. You can see many of the phenomena of groups acted out for your understanding. The illustrations offer many opportunities for vicarious learning by new group therapists.

Also on each DVD are more extensive pieces of individual work in the group, only very slightly edited for the sake of continuity. In the spirit of this program mistakes, false starts and learning by experience by both therapist and protagonist are included, to give you insight into the struggle for insight, healing and growth which is the group.

Therapy DVD video

                                                                A warning

The publisher assumes that the viewer has a significant amount of experience, both in their own journey of self-discovery and in their work as a counselor, therapist or group leader. This assumes that the emotional intensity of the work is not completely unfamiliar. Nevertheless caution is suggested as material on the DVDs can be disturbing, especially the individual work in the group setting.

Just as the participants in the group were triggered into awareness of their own issues by witnessing each others’ work, so may you be triggered by viewing the work on these DVDs.

Hence some of the individual work on the DVDs is preceded by a warning so that viewers can prepare themselves in the face of this emotional intensity. There is a section in the manual which suggests a pro forma for managing the use of the DVDs.


                            Responsibility for the Individual Useage of the DVD's

Some of the material on the DVDs is highly emotional and evocative. This is necessary and inevitable if group psychotherapy is to be illustrated.

The original purchaser in buying accepts responsibility at all times for his or her emotional responses to the contents of the DVDs and for those of any person he or she permits to view the DVDs.

The original purchaser accepts responsibility for protecting the confidentiality of the participants in the DVDs at all times and in all situations.

The original purchaser accepts responsibility for the proper disposal of the DVDs in the future.

The contents of the DVDs are never to be broadcast They are never to be loaned, hired or screened to anyone not known to the original purchaser as persons who are able to safely use the information on the DVDs for their own professional training as counselors, therapists or group therapists.


                   Responsibility for the Class Set or Library Useage of the DVD's

Sections of the DVD's contain group therapy sessions dealing with issues resulting from the consequences of child abuse. This is a significant component of the issues typically encountered in psychotherapy.

The useage warning in the DVD is to alert the reader in case the viewing of these sequences trigger unexpected memories or issues in the reader's own experience.

The particular sequences dealing the these emotionally intense issues are prefaced with a menu-driven warning. The viewer cannot 'accidentally' view one of these sequences without going through the warning page and a sub-menu which then opens the sequence for viewing.

The warnings on the DVD are to alert the reader to their own self responsibilty in their reactions to this material.

The author would suggest a 'disclaimer' be attached to the class enrolement contract or the library borrowing process whereby the borrower signs to accept responsibility for their reactions to the material in the DVD's. This 'disclaimer' should also be worded to include the reactions of anyone the borrower allows to view the borrowed copy.

Here is an example:
The viewer of DVD's from 'Leading Psychotherapy Groups' ISBN 1 876687 25 8, from the ( school or library ) acknowledges that he/she understands that some materials in the DVD component of this program contain emotionally intense therapy sequences.

These sequences are only intended to be viewed by people with an understanding of psychotherapy processes and the borrower hereby takes full responsibility for his or her emotional reactions to the viewing of this material and also the emotional reactions of anyone else the borrower allows to view this material

Leading Psychotherapy Groups   
DVD Resource     4 x 90 min DVD/Video
A self administered or facilitated course for psychotherapy group leadership

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