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Leading Psychotherapy Groups
Becoming an Expert Group Therapist

by Susie Rotch
Psychologist and Psychotherapist

DVD Resource     4 x 90 min DVD/Video
Leading Psychotherapy Groups
A self administered or facilitated course
for psychotherapy group leadership

Described below are the four DVDs that accompany the Leading Psychotherapy Groups training manual. The DVDs contain real life illustrations from this course with explanations founded on the theoretical constructs.

'Segments of the course text that are illustrated on DVD are marked on the relevant page and in the index by a DVD symbol. The illustrations offer many opportunities for vicarious learning by new group therapists, which tended to be rare indeed in my own learning to become a group therapist'.
- author Susie Rotch.


Group Therapy on screen, 4 DVDs plus 2 theory and practice texts

With the participants’ consent, an entire 38 hour, eight week group was filmed to aid the illustration of the key concepts in this course. This material provides examples of the full spectrum of group process. Selected sequences from this group are used to clearly point out the stages of group development as well as leadership styles and behavior patterns typically found in therapy groups.

In addition these DVD's illustrate many group therapy interventions. The person undertaking this training program can see group therapy in action, at it’s most impactful and vital. The illustrations on these DVD's are real life, with the immediacy and potency that this implies.


Psychotherapy DVD reviews

The DVD sequences from the psychotherapy group are unique in presenting the leaders or the group process within a format that displays the context of the action. The graphic and narration overlays anchor the on screen action to allow the viewer to continually observe the action within a conceptual framework.

This style of presentation was chosen because some of the interaction is complex and requires a number of levels of focus. The quality of the DVD support is exceptional. It is produced by multi-award winning film maker, Tony Paterson. Just as Susie Rotch, has over three decades of experience as a practicing and highly successful group therapist, the producer of the DVD's has over three decades of outstanding success in movie making.

The precise editing and clear screen design allow the multilevel interactions within the group to be both isolated and contexualised. Cause and effect reactions are clearly presented with sub titles and Susie's narration.

Therapy and personal growth groups can be turbulent cauldrons of interaction.

While the DVD 's are primarily directed towards illustrating the techniques of group management, they don’t shy away from the sometimes dramatic events that emerge. The therapy group interactions and the participants’ process as they affect the management of the group are presented warts and all.

A Warning

The author assumes that  viewer's have a significant amount of experience, both in their own journey of self-discovery and in their work as a counsellor, therapist or group leader. This anticipation assumes that the emotional intensity of the work is not completely unfamiliar. Nevertheless caution is suggested as material on the DVDs can be disturbing, especially individual work in the group setting.

Just as the participants in the group were triggered into awareness of their own issues by witnessing each others’ work, so may you be triggered by viewing the work on these DVDs.

Hence some of the individual work on the DVDs is preceded by a warning so that the viewer can prepare themselves in the face of this emotional intensity.

There is a PDF of the manual which suggests a pro forma for managing the use of the DVDs. PDF

There is also a PDF of the contents of the 4 DVDs. PDF

The DVD disclaimers and Usage Warnings.  Page


Leading Psychotherapy Groups      
2 Volumes including 4 x 90 min DVDs
A self administered course for psychotherapy group leadership

$275.00 + P&H


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