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   Leading Psychotherapy Groups
   Becoming an Expert Group Therapist

by Susie Rotch
Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Leading Psychotherapy Groups       Volume 1 of 2    275 pp    ISBN 1 876687 25 8

A self administered or facilitated course for psychotherapy group leadership
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Volume 1.  Part 1.    Group Process & Leadership Skills

Here are presented the groundwork theories of individual and group motivation, group development over time, leadership style and the management of anxiety. These ideas apply to most group leadership situations and they are here presented not as individual theories but as an integrated matrix. This is to give the reader a comprehensive and flexible appreciation of group management techniques. Each theory is presented with many observational exercises to verify and make practical learning from these exercises.

As indicated below comprehensive .pdf printouts of details of this publication are available for your assessment.

At the foot of this page you will also find other .pdf links to a glossary, reading references and the contents of the Administrator's Handbook.

Psychotherapy exercises Psychotherapy DVD contents
Group Therapy contents
    Contents                                Sample exercises                               DVD contents

Volume 1.  Part 2.    A Theoretical Structure for Group Psychotherapy

Here are presented the basic assumptions about the value of group psychotherapy as a means of healing.
Very detailed and explicit illustrations to this section are presented in the DVD resource.

Group Therapy contents Psychotherapy exercises Psychotherapy DVD contents
    Contents                                Sample exercises                               DVD contents

Volume 1.  Part 3.   Therapeutic Challenges at each stage

Part three explores the leadership challenges of the psycho-therapeutic group. Using the model of group process over time as a framework, the reader is presented with the typical range of issues which must be dealt with if the group is to function as a healing experience. The emphasis is on practical strategies to make this happen.

Group Therapy contents Psychotherapy exercises Psychotherapy DVD contents
    Contents                                Sample exercises                               DVD contents

Volume 1.  Part 4.   Techniques of Psychotherapy in Groups

Explores the contracting process and criteria for individual work in the group. It also examines the structure of individual work in the group, setting up, be-debriefing and feedback. Practical methods are outlined for the use of different types of therapeutic interventions in a group setting.

Group Therapy contents Psychotherapy exercises Psychotherapy DVD contents
    Contents                                Sample exercises                               DVD contents

Leading Psychotherapy Groups      
2 Volumes including 4 x 90 min DVDs
A self administered course for psychotherapy group leadership

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