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Leading Psychotherapy Groups
Becoming an Expert Group Therapist

by Susie Rotch
Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Leading Psychotherapy Groups       Volume 2 of 2   244 pp  ISBN 1 876687 25 8

A self administered or facilitated course for psychotherapy group leadership

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Part 5. What Makes Groups Effective?

Using the Yalom model, an explanation of the reasons for group effectiveness is presented. This forms a basis for the reader’s understanding and more effective use of group process. Below are .pdf links to details of all parts of this publication.

leadership exercises Psychotherapy DVD
psychotherapy course contents
 Contents                             Sample exercises                              DVD contents

Part 6. Roles in Groups

Then there is an explanation of the typical roles that can occur in psychotherapy groups. This includes observational exercises and exercises to modify role behavior. There are many examples of how role-playing behavoir can be made into enlivening and growthful strategies.

Psychotherapy leadership contents exercises for psychotherapy leadership psychotherapy video
 Contents                             Sample exercises                              DVD contents

Part 7. What Makes a Great Group Therapist?

This section includes self-care and support for the group leader. Included is a segment about the ethics of group leadership to ensure best practice.

Therapy group exercises Therapy video
group therapy leadership contents
 Contents                             Sample exercises                              DVD contents

Part 8. Planning and Structuring Your Groups to Succeed

Presents the basic principles underpinning the planning and structuring of groups. This includes a summary of what is good structure and a model structure for the group.

video group therapy
therapy group leadership exercises
therapy groups contents
 Contents                             Sample exercises                              DVD contents

Part 9. Evaluating Group Work

Your expectations and conclusions and a range of evaluation sheets for you to use with people in your groups and for evaluation of this program.


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